Online Trauma Courses

Julie and Michelle are excited to bring you a series of online classes about trauma. You can find them on our websites to learn at your own pace. These classes will help you understand your own trauma better and may help you feel better prepared to ask questions and participate in your own trauma healing in one on one sessions.

What happens during a session with Julie

What to expect during a session…
When you arrive at Julie’s office, you will begin seated in conversation. As you share your concerns and priorities, Julie will then choose the strategy that would be most helpful to your healing session. In some cases, you may stay seated as she guides you through reconnecting your mind and body to reveal the path to healing. Many times, you will move to the therapy table so that Julie can guide you in connecting to what your body is communicating with you. This will often result in emotional and physical release and brings you closer to a centered wholeness within.

Healing begins by developing a mind and body connection. Julie facilitates wholeness within the body by bringing awareness to areas that have become disconnected. She guides the understanding of your mind, body, and spirit so that you can respond with acceptance and compassion and recognize what is needed for healing.

You have the capacity to recognize truth and integrate your body and mind. As your guide and mentor, Julie helps you uncover the insight and healing your body already has within. This allows a release of blocks and fears that disrupt wholeness.

You have a distinctive journey and personal gifts. Julie recognizes and adapts to the specific needs you have, because of your experience. She responds with strategies and skills to provide a customized healing session.

Time for Me



“Make Your Own Happiness and Peace of Mind a Priority.”

The hardest part about taking care of myself was feeling selfish.  I have found that the only way I can be a benefit to anyone else is to heal myself.  Otherwise, I try to help people, thinking I know what they need, but really I am just reflecting my own insecurities and issues, not really theirs.






I think this one is funny but also very accurate.  We spend too much time trying to figure out other peoples lives, when our time would be much better spent figuring out our own!


I enjoy browsing Pinterest and finding inspirational quotes.  I really liked these from that site.  I’d like to credit to the original authors, but I don’t know who they are.



My Story

As I look back on my life, I would say I was generally a happy and healthy person. After my third child was born, 19 years ago, I started noticing a change. I would describe it as, “feeling off.” I remember randomly feeling like the floor would drop out from under me and then I would get heart palpitations.

One day, after a trip to the urgent care, I was thrown into a medical scare. After many doctor visits and tests, with no conclusive diagnosis, I began to experience anxiety and panic attacks. Overtime, I was able to begin coping with these attacks, or so I thought.  I went on with life the best I could. But, I never dealt with the cause of the anxiety.

So, it all re-surfaced after I had a bad spout with vertigo. After 2 weeks of spinning and dizziness, I ended up having a full mental breakdown.  I was not able to control my thoughts or feelings and it was a very scary time.

The good news was that my family knew of a very good trauma professional, who had a different approach than most professional practitioners.  He helped me find the cause of the anxiety and panic attacks, using guided meditation, visual imagery, anger and grief awareness and relaxation exercises.  He helped me to change my life.

After fully recovering, I realized that this kind of work was amazing and different from anything I had ever heard about.  I wanted others to experience the huge life change I had.  So, I decided to study under my trauma professional for 9 months and learn how to help others.  I wanted people to not only be able to function, but live their best life. Trauma mentoring has become my passion and I love helping people recover from past traumas like I have.