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What is trauma?

“We often think that trauma is something bad that happens in our life. And the interesting thing that I have come to learn is that trauma is not necessarily the event or the circumstance or the situation that we found ourselves in, but it’s how our body automatically responded in order to survive. In other words, trauma is not the death or the car accident or the assault, or, um, even like living in a situ in a circumstance day after day after day, that is it’s very, um, upsetting or toxic in some way, but it’s our body’s response.”

How Are Brain Responds

“Our brain is wired to respond to things in a way to keep us alive. And so when we are faced with a circumstance that overwhelms our brain’s ability to cope, it’s not something that we could have imagined would happen in our life. Our brain makes an automatic response for how to move forward at that moment. And it chooses not based on what’s gonna make us look great, or what’s gonna be easy to live with in 10 years. Our brain exclusively makes this decision based on what will keep us alive at that moment.”

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