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I love the work I do with my clients. I am passionate about guiding people to step out of survival mode and into joy.

I have been on my own trauma healing journey and it has given me a richer undertsanding of my client’s experience. I have felt first hand the shift from stress and survival into joy.

I believe that compassion, acceptance and love are key parts of healing. Here’s the secret: this abundant love and acceptance comes from within you. I absolutely believe in the healing that is already inside of you. Together we will uncover your journey to the healing within you.

I’m glad you are here. When you are ready, let’s meet!

“We often think trauma is something bad that happens in our life. But the interesting thing I have come to learn is that trauma is not just the event or the situation we found ourselves in, but it’s how our body responded in order to survive.” ~Julie

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In person and virtual sessions are available


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