About Julie

Certified Trauma Integration Practitioner & Instructor for Trauma Integration, LLC

Based in Chandler, Arizona

In-person and virtual sessions are available.

Julie Gustafson

Knowing firsthand the staggering toll that anxiety and depression can have in our lives, Julie is passionate about helping others. She helps people settle their body and spirit through energy work, trauma healing and spiritual advisement. Julie helps clients focuses on personal growth by working through trauma. Self discovery will act as the guide regarding behavior, thoughts, emotions and spirituality.

Julie is a Certified Trauma Integration Specialist. She is also co-owner of Trauma Integration LLC, which is of a group of trauma educators who offer certifications and resources. Our goal is to empower people to understand and integrate trauma and create wholeness within.

When Julie is not working, she enjoys her children, animals, friends and husband. Julie’s happy place is being at the beach.

“We often think that trauma is something bad that happens in our life. And the interesting thing that I have come to learn is that trauma is not necessarily the event or the circumstance or the situation that we found ourselves in, but it’s how our body automatically responded in order to survive.” ~Julie

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Julie offers in-person and virtual sessions.

Sessions are $100/hour

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