One on One Sessions

Healing begins by reconnecting to your body. Julie guides you to notice and recognize where you have become disconnected from your body. Together, you will come to understand what your body is holding and to sort what is serving you and what is no longer needed. This clears the way for acceptance and compassion.

Sessions are $100/Hour

In person and Virtual Sessions Available

Need Financial Assistance?

I am excited to announce that we have implemented a program for our clients that need financial assistance to complete trauma work. Please email Michelle at [email protected] to learn about our financial assistance program for $25 sessions with participating practitioners.

You have the capacity to recognize truth and integrate your experiences. As your guide, Julie helps you uncover the insight and healing your body already has within. 

You have a distinctive journey and a unique blend of gifts and insights. Julie notices what makes you uniquely you! As she tunes in to your specific experiences and needs, she responds with a customized approach to healing. 

During integration work, there will be no attempt to diagnose, fix or change you as a person. Your own self-discovery acts as your guide throughout your healing journey.

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