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Julie Guides people through trauma healing and energy release using spiritual advisement.

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Meet Julie Gustafson

As a Certified Trauma Integration Practitioner, Julie mindfully guides people through trauma. People get referred to Julie for energy work, trauma healing, or spiritual advisement. During the session, Julie often combines all three to help settle the body and spirit.

She is passionate about helping people identify and resolve issues, past and present, that create anxiety, depression, and unhappiness in their lives. Julie helps people develop self awareness through a variety of strategies. This includes anger and grief awareness, mentoring, creative visual imagery, meditation, and relaxation exercises. Julie’s goal is to provide a safe place to talk and inspire balanced thinking, so you can make clear decisions.

What is Trauma Integration?

Integration is a mindful process of creating a safe, validating environment where a practitioner can guide an individual to address unresolved trauma. The shock of trauma creates a visceral memory which includes physical sensations, feelings and thoughts. Through mindfulness we are releasing the shock and responses which are no longer needed. This allows the remainder of the experience to be integrated safely into the whole self. Thus creating a wholeness within.

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