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Julie Gustafson

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Meet Julie

Julie Gustafson is an intuitive and vibrant Trauma Integration Practitioner and Co-Founder of Trauma Integration.

Her experience as a community leader, speaker and her own trauma healing journey have given her compassionate insight and the ability to truly see and understand her clients.

Julie has a gift for cutting through the distractions and getting to the core of the issue and she is passionate about helping people step out of survival mode and into joy.

What is Trauma Integration?

Integration is a mindful process of addressing unresolved trauma responses.

In this work, Julie creates a supportive space to safely guide you to release shock and the reflexive internal responses that are no longer needed now that the moment of crisis is over.

By releasing the intensity from the trauma memory, the remainder of the experience can now be safely integrated into the your understanding of yourself and the world.

This empowers you to step out of survival mode and into joy!

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